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Public Programs

The Crones have a range of public programs from artists talks to classes and free public events. There are plenty of ways to get involved and embrace your inner crone!  

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The Crone Walk

Crones and Crone supporters from the community walk together in reverence for Mother Earth, to support older women and our connection to the earth.

Wearing Red to symbolise our connection to all living things . We walk in silent solidarity as our Crone team teaches some simple, easy to learn movements that represent Power, Strength, Wisdom and Nurturing aspects of the Crone archetype,  that we enact together during the walk connecting with nature as we go. 

Artist Talks and Q & A

The Crones talk to audiences about the process of making Reclaim the Crone and the myths, stories, and theories behind the concepts in the show.  Audiences can ask the cast anything about the show. An interactive and meaningful discussion between the public and the cast. 

In-conversation sessions with Director Gabrielle Leah New and experts from related fields are a great way to delve in to the fertile realm of the Crone and her relationship with the earth, the climate,  death, myths, change, the Patriarchy and more. 

Dancing Feet

Butoh Workshops- all ages

Introductions and more advanced master classes from Helen Smith or Gabrielle New, from  4 hours to week long trainings and anything in between. Helen has years of experience teaching in Australia and around the world, and Gaby has taught internationally and creates workshops that lead to performance outcomes. 

Back to Your Brooms

A fun performance workshop making and public outcome exploring the Crone Archetype. Working with groups of women over 50 our team will use the wisdom and experience of the group to develop a simple yet powerful short performance with movement, broomsticks and maybe some cackling, for a showing in a public space. For up to 20 participants.

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